Strategic change...

... is the most relevant ánd most difficult thing to organise for organisations. Powerful and viable organisations always adapt timely to changes in society, economy and technology. This way they get less bogged down in today's thinking and maintain their strategic direction better. Strategic initiatives can add optimal value this way.

Organisation often express their goals for change in business plans and business cases. These indicate the desired direction in business terms like revenue, market share, timelines, costs and benefits. Adequate program management and project leadership can based on these plans guide the organisation towards the goals.

A clear vision in business terms alone is not enough though! Organisations consist of people that need to be inspired for the change, people that need to carry forward the direction and the initiative. Organisational culture can strengthen the capability to change or hamper it. Modern organisations are often more customer focused and agile; with integral change though every organisation is capable of change. Contact us to discuss our vision on change!

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading
Lao Tzu (Chinese filosoof, 604 BC – 507 BC)

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