Organisational culture and behaviour...

... is extremely hard to change for organisations. At the same not it is often mandatory to innovate, leverage the rapidly progressing technology or achieve other strategic goals. Without the matching changes in behaviour and culture changes in organisational structure, business processes and technology are mostly not effective and sustainable. Projects focussed on changing culture alone don't work though! The solution lies in changing behaviour and culture in the content and goal oriented environment of programs and projects or strategic changes.

Our approach is to address behaviour and culture as part of program management or project leadership. It can be interwoven in the approach to change by involving people, providing inspiration and other means to change integrally. Where more in-depth changes are needed, we can additionally apply the culture transformation approach of Richard Barrett (Barrett Value Centre) for which we are certified.

The approach to culture change we determine in consultation with you to make your initiative a success that sticks. Feel free to contact us and have a conversation to see what we can do for you!