Business cases...

... help during changes by providing insight about the consequences of a strategic change. Before starting your organisation want to know about costs, benefits and risks, whether the benefits are shaped as more profit or more has more qualitative forms (quality, reputation, customer satisfaction etc.). To take decisions about investments in sustainability, innovation, the introduction of new technology or strategic initiatives, business cases are useful.

In creating commitment for your change a transparant business case and the dialogues around creating it are often a good step. A well prepared business case increases the chances of success in execution because al relevant aspects have already been thought through and mistakes eliminated. Also prospectless initiatives can be abandoned early so the scarce investment money can be directed better.

Composing a clear and compact business case is a skill that our experience can support for your organisation. To reason outside-in (eg. with customer research or customer journeys) is combined with inside-out thinking, that is more current within organisations. Crucial elements like the interests of stakeholders, the attention for customer needs and clearly defined realistic goals are often little exposed. Where needed we can also provide a second opinion on existing business cases and suggest improvements. From our experience we have also developed a 2-4 day training to transfer this critical skill to your organisation. We'd be pleased to clarify further in personal contact!