Integral change...

... is a profession where content and the process of change in combination lead to results. Strategic change doesn't happen overnight, as the experience of many organisations shows. In our experience success is based on a good interaction and alignment with parties outside the organisation and within the organisation.

The process of change includes for us involving people at the right moment, taking care of adequate decision making and a solid business case
as well as aligning with/changing the organisational culture. We always combine this with the content of the strategic change (eg. the introduction of a new product or of new ways of working and systems). In our approach  we honour the following starting points:
  • In your organisation knowledge and experience exists on which we can build for the future, both in content and the process of change. Point is to deal properly with uncertainties and fill gaps in knowledge and experience
  • An open attitude is needed towards influences from the outside world like external trends and developments and expected laws and regulations. This attitude is crucial for success, especially while developing vision and strategy. Organisational resilience is the result
  • Without overdoing it pay attention to all relevant aspects (eg. governance and performance measurement)
  • We cooperate closely in the change with your organisation and where necessary complement your organisation with external expertise and our services. Building bridges between parties is what we do to accelerate which also reduces the impact on the always scarce resources of your organisation. As a netwerk organisation we are used to be in the driver's seat for external parties which makes sure you get the optimal result
These starting points have shown to be beneficial for smooth projects. Our many years' experience in management consultancy pays out when we seamlessly align content and the process of change as project or program managers. If you'd like to explore further how this is relevant for your organisation, you can contact us!