Trends in sustainability

For well directed strategic change a first requirement is insight into longer term trends and developments. Sustainability is the megatrend for the coming decades. Increasing scarcity of resources and oil as well as damage to our ecosystems and the effects of climate change are translating more and more into both opportunities and extra costs for your organisation. Consumers increasingly go for "green" and "sustainable", which is also the direction for laws and regulation. What competitive environment surrounds your organisation? What threats rise from rising prices for resources and energy? What opportunities appear on the horizon? What do your customers and employees aspire? Continuously Bridges2Beyond scans and researches the trends. Our trendanalysis contains among others:

  • The green consumer
  • Eye and ear for sustainable
  • Government as preserver
  • Socially responsibly earning money
  • More pointers in the land of sustainability
  • For sustainable there is a market
  • Purchasers go sustainable
  • Do we still have...?
  • Etc.
We use these trends both for inspiration while developing vision and strategy as well as to detail sustainability initiatives in business cases. We'd appreciate to share more in further contact about how you can apply trend analysis in your organisation!