Privacy protection Bridges2Beyond (summary)

At Bridges2Beyond we take your privacy seriously and comply with laws and regulation in this field. We are obliged to ask your permission before using your personal data. You give that permission by checking the appropriate field on the contact form on this website.

Bridges2Beyond only uses your name, phone number, email or other personal data for making appointments with focus on acquisition and execution of work fitting our company mission. If our initial contact does not lead to an assignment of further mail communication and we do not build up a further relationship, then your data will be erased from our files within 3 months.

In case our initial contact leads to a business relationship, your personal data will only be shared with third parties that are directly involved with the activities needed to realise the business relationship in line with our shared goals.

Relationship data will in line with legal requirements be stored for at least 7 years, until you indicate removal. We don't sell your data to others. In case the company changes ownership, we will ask your permission to transfer data to the new owners beforehand.

You can request to look through your data stored by us at any time or request removal. With these request we can ask you for identification. For the full text of our privacy-agreement with you, please click here.

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